5 Things You Will Gain By Using Product Explainer Videos on Your Website

//5 Things You Will Gain By Using Product Explainer Videos on Your Website

5 Things You Will Gain By Using Product Explainer Videos on Your Website

Take it this way: you got a minute to talk about your company and convince your prospects to buy the products you are offering. This is what an explainer video does for you. You get limited minutes to pitch your offers to the website visitors. However, you may be wondering whether a product explainer video is essential for your site since you have high conversion rates and traffic. Also, your site is on the first page of the search engine. Here are the 5 things you will gain by adding a explainer video production in your website::

a. Make your site to stand out

The modern business rule is improving the wheel not re-inventing it. Probably, the product you are offering is not new. Other people are selling the same product at the same price. Also, your competitors have a website as you do and applying similar themes. However, for you to succeed and benefit from the current highly competitive market, your site must stand out. Embedding an explainer video on your site can help you to achieve this goal.

While others use the content, you can include a product explainer video that will educate the customers on why your offers are the best in comparison with your competitors.   This will give you a competitive edge especially where you create innovative and attractive videos that are shareable.

b. Enhancing your conversion rates

Even if your site is gaining high traffics, certainly the sales you are making are not at par. Maybe the information you upload is not enough to convince the visitors to buy your products. For this reason, having an explainer video is a well-thought idea.

As you may know, people love what they see and hear rather than what they read.  The explainer video compresses the entire information on your site into a concise and straightforward content. Also, it serves the purpose of informing people who are lazy to read or navigate the whole website.   Through this, you can convince a wider array of the audience to purchase your products.

c. Boost your SEO optimization

No matter whether your page appears on the first page of the Google search, maintaining or moving up in the rank is a crucial step. To achieve this, uploading explainer videos is not optional; videos attract visitors’ attention.

Also, they encourage a high rate of sharing which are essential for creating backlinks. The more shares you get, the higher your chances of ranking better on the search results.  Hence, if you want to boost your site SEO optimization, uploading an explainer video can be one way to achieve the goal.

d. Make your brands memorable

Naturally, people remember what they see more than what they read. For this reason, if you want to make your brands memorable, uploading a video explaining the features and benefits is necessary. However, your product explainer videos must attain three virtues. These virtues are informative, entertaining and interesting.
This way, the idea about your brands will stay longer on the viewer’s mind than when you offer plaintexts and images. Further, a video makes it easier for customers to remember your business and come for more in future. As such, you develop customer loyalty and trust on your brands.

Final thoughts

In a word, an explainer video is essential in enhancing your conversion rates. Also, uploading them to your site helps you improve your search engine rankings. Furthermore, embedding a product explainer video gives you an upper hand in the modern competitive online market. It creates a memorable message in the audience’s mind.